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Whenever people hear the word “cheap,” they think it means that something lacks worth. That’s not always the case, however. For example, when people mention “cheap gas,” that doesn’t mean that the gas is poor or that it lacks quality. All it means is that you didn’t have to pay much for something you needed. Our cheap motorcycle insurance starts at just $6 a month. In California, that’s basically the price of a cup of coffee. However, that insurance covers quite a bit. In this article, we’ll tell you what our insurance can do and we’ll point out its value.

Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

When people say the word “motorcycle,” they tend to have a pretty clear idea of what a motorcycle is. Some people think of a Harley, some think of a Yamaha, but everyone has a fairly agreed upon idea of what constitutes a motorcycle. However, our insurance covers many more kinds of motorcycles and bikes than most people realize. For example, we offer insurance for classic bikes and sport bikes. So, whether you have a tremendous motorcycle from the 70s or the latest and greatest model, we have the insurance for that. Of course, no matter what kind of motorcycle you have, we have the kind of insurance that can give you peace of mind when you ride.

More than Motorcycle Insurance

Beyond motorcycle insurance, we also have insurance for plenty of other bikes. That means that mopeds and scooters are covered. These two kinds of bikes are really making a comeback. Getting around town isn’t always easy. Taking a moped or a scooter is a great way to save gas while still getting where you need to go quickly. Riding a bicycle can be very healthy, but it can also leave you quite sweaty and tired. That’s the last thing you need if you’re headed to work or for a night on the town. Of course, if you do take advantage of our moped and scooter insurance, you’ll pay the same rate that our motorcycle insurance clients do.

Quality Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

What the Insurance Covers

We don’t just offer inexpensive motorcycle insurance; we offer insurance that covers a lot. For example, if your motorcycle is damaged in an accident, we cover that. We also cover your bodily injuries if you’re in an accident with an uninsured motorist. Instead of you worrying how you’re going to get compensation for your injuries because the person who hit you lacked insurance, we’ve got you covered. If you’re legally responsible for an accident that causes bodily injury to someone or their property while you’re riding your motorcycle, our insurance covers that as well. Those are just a few of the amazing services that our insurance covers.

Insurance for More than Accidents

Our insurance has your back in an accident, but that’s not the only way that our insurance can help. For example, we cover you if your motorcycle is damaged while in winter storage. If it’s stolen or catches on fire, our insurance handles that as well. Vandalism is too common a problem with motorcycles, so we make sure to cover that as well. One of the lesser known things about our insurance is that it covers custom motorcycle work. That means that paint, upgraded components and more come under the heading of our motorcycle insurance.

We know that for many motorcycle riders, you want to carry the minimum amount of necessary insurance and that’s it. We offer that, while also providing you with some top quality insurance. So, our customers can avail themselves of our five thousand dollar for damage to property, thirty thousand dollars for injury or death to more than one person and fifteen thousand for injury and death to one person. You always want to make sure that when you take your motorcycle out, you’re on the right side of the law. That’s where we come in.

Motorcycle insurance is more than a job to us, because many of our agents ride. We’ve been there, out on the road, seeing the world race by. So, we’re able to craft insurance packages that fit for motorcycle rides. We’ve talked to many clients over the years who were so relieved to sit down with an insurance agent who had actually ridden motorcycles before. We know what riders want, because we’re riders too. In fact, we even have agents who used to ride. That can make all the difference in the world. Instead of getting an insurance package put together by someone who read a book, you’ll get it from someone who’s been out on the road.

Our agents can put their motorcycle experience to use for you. We look at your ride, we look at your lifestyle, and then we make it all come together. For a free quote, give us a call at (800) 254-9164 or head to our site.

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