Non Owner Insurance Policy

Non-Owner policy rates starting at $12 a month

A non-owner policy in California helps protect you against major financial burden in the event you are deemed at-fault in an accident while operating a vehicle not owned by you. Your added liability insurance will cover damages to others as a result of the accident after any primary insurance on the auto has been exhausted. Basically, a non-owner policy is secondary insurance coverage that would pay for your damages and expenses above and beyond what might be covered through the auto’s primary insurance.

Car Rental Insurance

When it comes to renting a car and you need car rental insurance, a non-owner insurance policy would be exactly what you need. It will cover damages to the other vehicle after your primary insurance on the vehicle has been exceeded and beyond.

Non-Owner SR-22

A non-owner insurance policy is generally written with the minimum liability coverage required by the state in which the policyholder resides. Please note that a non-owner insurance policy does not require a SR-22 attachment. A non-owner insurance policy can be purchased without an SR-22 rider if you want to have additional insurance coverage when driving a non-owned vehicle.

An SR-22 form can be attached to a non-owner policy. The good news is this option is usually less expensive than adding a SR-22 onto a standard auto policy.

We can also convert your non-owner insurance policy and/or a non owner SR22 insurance policy to an owner/owner-operator policy. This is not an automatic process – you’ll need to call us, provide the vehicle information, and requesting the vehicle to be endorsed (added) to the policy. It’s simple.

Five Stars Yelp
Alan Rakin saved my life.  I had gotten a DUI and was cancelled from my super low insurance.  I could not believe when he set me up with new insurance that was the same price as what I was paring before my problem.   I love Alan and recommend him highly.Easily one of the most painless insurance exercises in my life.

Allen is very knowledgeable about all the options out there. In the matter of a few minutes he was able to provided me with multiple competitive quotes, and together we determined the best policy for me based on my current driving situation.

I called over 5 different agencies in my new policy search process, there was no comparison between Allen’s level of professionalism and customer service and any of the other 4.

Jim YLos Angeles

Five Stars Yelp

Alan is amazing, he’s so on top of his business and fives his clients exceptional service. I immediately felt comfortable and safe with his services and work ethic, it’s not a surprise he’s at the top of his industry. I would refer him to family and friends and that says a lot about him. If you ever come across this review Alan, thank you for being so on top of things and taking your business to heart, it shows that you’re not just another broker, you’re a business man with great values and ethics.

ZahraLos Angeles
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